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Do you want to run a panel? What about hosting a workshop? We’d love to hear from you!

We’ve uploaded a host of videos to our Youtube channel of previous Kitacon events ran by our lovely community. Check them out for some ideas on the sort of panels we host at Kitacon, and for ideas on how to run a potential new panel for Kitacon 2022.

Kitacon is a fan-run convention, and fan-run events make up a huge part of our timetable. Would you like to see a panel on your favourite show? Why not run it! What about a workshop on a certain aspect of cosplay? Why not run it!

Event Submission Form

Submissions are currently CLOSED for new events/panels.

Event Submission Guidelines

– All events should aim to be 55 minutes in length. If your event is likely to run longer than this by a significant amount, please note this in the “Additional comments” section of the form, however, ideally, keep it to 55 minutes!

– Technical details:

In each event room we provide:

  • 1 x Projector (VGA connector Only)
  • 1 x Screen
  • 1 x Sound system (3.5mm Headphone Jack Input)  
  • 1 x Microphones (More on request)

Further microphones can be requested on your application form, should you have more than 2 hosts or require a microphone for audience participation, etc. Please note that Kitacon will not be providing laptops or laptop-to-VGA adaptors, so plan accordingly!