Staff Code of Conduct

In this Agreement the following definitions apply: 


The Kitacon Committee (“The Committee”) 

The Officers and Shareholders of Kitacon Events Committee Ltd (Company No. 09305607) 

Kitacon Returns (“The Event”) 

The event organised by The Kitacon Committee at the Warwick Arts Centre and University during the dates of August 18th to the 21st 2022. 

The Venue 

Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL 

Event Membership 

Refers to an individual’s valid ticket to The Event. 

Kitacon Staff (“Staff”) 

Voluntary helpers holding Event Memberships who have been engaged as support staff for The Event on the behalf of The Kitacon Committee. 

This Code of Conduct for Staff applies to each staff member engaged by The Kitacon Committee (and any and all sub-brand names). Failure to comply with the policies set forth may result in disciplinary action, which can include loss of Event Membership and ejection from The Event and The Venue with no compensation. 

1. Compliance with UK Law 

All Staff are required to protect our company’s legality, and therefore must comply with all UK Laws. We expect Staff to be ethical, discreet and responsible when dealing with our company finances, products, partnerships and public image. 

2. Respect in the workplace 

Kitacon Returns Staff are expected to respect The Kitacon Committee, employees of The Venue, fellow Kitacon Returns Staff and all other attendees of The Event. Any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimisation will not be tolerated. 

3. Protection of Kitacon Returns property 

All Staff are expected to treat Kitacon Returns’ property with respect and care, which means that Staff: 

● Should not misuse or frivolously use company equipment. 

● Should respect all non-physical assets such as trademarks, copyright and other property. Staff should only use these as appropriate to complete their job duties. 

● Should protect Kitacon Returns facilities and material property from damage and vandalism where possible and within their remit. 

4. Professionalism while at The Venue 

Staff are expected to act with integrity and professionalism while in situ at The Venue. 

Aspects of this include, but are not limited to: 

Personal appearance 

We encourage Staff to dress suitably and safely for our events, and in line with weapons and props rules. While Staff are on duty, they are required to wear an identifying item (provided by Kitacon Returns) that identifies them as Staff. 


Staff are strongly discouraged from accepting gifts from outside parties. These may result in potential conflicts of interest, or in more severe cases, be defined as bribery. If you have any concerns, please refer to a member of The Kitacon Committee. 

Job duties and authority 

● All Staff should fulfill their job duties with integrity and respect in line with Section 2 – Respect in the workplace, above. 

● Any abuse of authority by Staff is strictly prohibited and may result in disciplinary action. (See Section 5 – Disciplinary actions.

● We expect all Staff to follow the instructions given by The Kitacon Committee and complete their duties capably and in a timely manner. 

● Staff will be asked to work within their competences; to manage their own workload and to ensure they work safely. 

● Staff mentoring and collaboration is encouraged. Staff can contact a member of The Kitacon Committee to facilitate this. 

Absenteeism and lateness 

All Staff are expected to be punctual and arrive for their arranged shifts in good time. Once a Staff member has confirmed their schedule, this will need to be followed strictly in most cases, however, The Kitacon Committee recognises that there may be exceptions that prevent Staff from following a fixed schedule or fixed shifts. We would ask to be notified as soon as possible if a scheduling issue arises for a Staff member, so that it is possible to arrange any necessary cover. 

Collaboration and Collegiality 

While at The Event, Staff will be expected to act friendly and collaboratively with those they encounter, to avoid any risk of disruption, or creating obstacles for others. 

5. Disciplinary actions 

We reserve the right to pursue disciplinary action against any Staff who repeatedly or intentionally fail to follow this Code of Conduct. Potential disciplinary actions will vary based on the nature of the violation committed, but possible consequences include: 

● Demotion – removal of Staff badge and privileges. 

● Removal and expulsion from The Event and The Venue with no refund offered (Serious offences only) 

● Possible criminal charges (in cases of criminal damage or any other illegal activities) 

The Kitacon Committee will take legal action if they discover any instances of Staff involvement in corruption, theft, embezzlement or other unlawful behaviour, either during The Event and at The Venue, or anywhere else. 

6. Duty of Care & Health and Safety 

As engaged Staff of Kitacon Returns – Staff have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure their safety and that of those around them by reporting any issues, hazards or Health and Safety violations they encounter to The Kitacon Committee. In the majority of cases, Staff are strongly advised NOT to deal with any issues or hazards themselves. 

7. First Aid 

In the event of a First Aid emergency, Kitacon Returns has a designated First Aid provider in the form of St John’s Ambulance – who will be in attendance for the duration of The Event. 


NO Staff member is obligated to administer any kind of First Aid and The Kitacon Committee in fact strongly discourages this. 

Staff members with no First Aid training are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN from intervening in any situation where First Aid may be required. They are expected, however, to immediately summon our designated First Aid provider. They may make the area around the casualty safe, or speak with the casualty, if they are conscious, to comfort them and find out what happened. 

If a Staff member has an active UK First Aid qualification, recognised by a valid authoritative body, they MAY intervene in the event of a First Aid incident (but are not obligated to), only if ALL the following conditions are met. 

Staff with First Aid Certification MAY engage with a casualty ONLY if: 

  1. The First Aid certified Staff member summons the designated First Aid provider IMMEDIATELY, at the same time as they are engaging the casualty. (e.g. sending another Staff member with a message to the designated contact point for the First Aid Provider) AND 
  2. The First Aid certified Staff member provides First Aid ONLY UNTIL The designated First Aid Provider arrives, at which time they will step back and allow them to take over. 

If First Aid certified Staff members DO choose to voluntarily perform First Aid on a casualty – they must ONLY provide the care that they are trained to do as part of their qualification, and only do what is reasonable in the circumstances. 

In this very specific situation only, First Aid certified Staff members assume a temporary Duty of Care to their casualty and accept responsibility for the care of the casualty for the duration of care they provide (which, as noted above, will only be until the arrival of the designated First Aid Provider. 

Any First Aid certified Staff member choosing to act would not be protected by Kitacon Returns’ Events Liability Insurance – or any other Insurance or cover The Event may have in place. 

If a First Aid certified Staff member’s First Aid is administered inappropriately, improperly or negligently, the First Aid certified Staff member is at risk of being held liable for substantial damages – if the standard of care they employed fell below that which could be expected of them in the given circumstances. 

Kitacon Returns 2022 – Staff Code of Conduct – Version 1.0 – 15th January 2022