The committee have been fielding all sorts of questions from you lovely lot, which is fine! That’s our job, after all. However, hopefully this page can answer some of the more frequently asked questions we’ve been receiving:

Q: When and where is the convention being held?

A: We’re returning for August 19th-21st 2021 at Warwick University and Arts Centre!

Q: What do I need to bring with me for registration?

A: This year we will continue to use our new e-ticket system. Please bring a printed copy of this ticket with you at registration. It contains all sorts of lovely information like your real name and age (for us to confirm with the I.D you’re also required to bring), badge name (so that we can quickly and easily find your badge) and pick up any extras along the way (such as t-shirts, etc).

For 2022, you’ll also need to bring the requested COVID-19 information stipulated by our COVID-19 policy.

Q: But I don’t have my e-ticket! What should I do?

A: Goodness me Timmy, what a pickle! If you cannot find your e-ticket in your email inbox anywhere, please check your spam folders just in case. If you still cannot find your ticket, send an email over to and we can try to sort you out.

Q: You mentioned I.D before, is that really required?

A: I.D has always been a requirement of Kitacon registration. Acceptable forms of I.D are:

  • A valid and in-date passport
  • Full or provisional photo drivers licence
  • Prove It card
  • Citizen Card
  • Connexions card
  • Validate UK card
  • Young Scot card (the latest version with the PASS hologram only)
  • Armed Forces ID card
  • EU National Identity card

If you lack any of the above, please get in touch with our registrations team asap:

To be honest, our entire Terms and Conditions may be worth a read as it covers registration stuff fairly extensively!

Q: I wanna change my badge name!

A: Aren’t you an indecisive one! Just let us know what you’d like to change it to, up to 30 days before the convention starts, and we can sort you out. In fact, any questions regarding the information you submitted when purchasing your registration can be checked with our registration team:

Unfortunately, if you get in touch after those 30 days, we cannot change your badge name any more, so you’re just going to have to live with it!

Q: I would like to be a Gopher at this years Kitacon! How do I go about doing that?

A: Splendid! If you’re interested in signing up for one of our Gopher badges, ensure to check the right box when registering for your ticket. Even if you decide on the day that you’d like to sign up, we’ll have a member of the gopher management team standing by at registration to recruit last-minute helpers.

Q: I can’t remember if I signed up to the Masquerade/Kita’s Got Talent!

A: What a memory you’ve got, Timmy! Thankfully our lovely Cosplay officers keep all sorts of charts and lists with these details on, and have been using the emails provided when folks sign up to send bulletins to. We advise you check your email inboxes thoroughly along with your spam boxes just in case. If in doubt, fire any masquerade/KGT questions over to

Q: I would like to cosplay a character with a set of solid steel katanas and a realistic assault rifle, please!

A: Unfortunately that’s just not possible! We advise anyone thinking of cosplaying at Kitacon to check out our cosplay weapon and prop rules page to see our guidelines regarding things like this. Additionally all weapons and items are subject to a weapons check at the beginning of the convention. Any further questions on this can be fired over to but really, lets just use some common sense here, yeah?

Q: I am a dealer/artist/panellist/attendee/dismayed member of the public and I can’t get in touch with someone to talk about something!

A: If your regular contact isn’t getting back to you, please send an email to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible! It may be worth checking our staff page to ensure you’re using the correct email address for the person you’re looking to speak with.

Q: What events can I expect?

A: Kitacon has a wide variety of panels, workshops and staged events across Friday, Saturday and Sunday topped off with a host of parties in the evenings on each night. Our signature Ball proceeds our end of con party on the Sunday night. Events start from 10am and end when our parties begin around 8pm, with those parties finishing at 2am. Scheduling is however subject to change at any point.

Q: I’m having a particular problem with another attendee at Kitacon, what should I do?

A) Well it’s good that you’ve brought this to our attention Timmy, and in an ideal world conventions would be fun and happy places where everyone got along. However! Should you find yourself in a situation where you sense impending conflict, we ask that everyone stay civil and remove themselves from said situation. If this is not possible, please speak with a member of our committee via any of the email addresses on our staff page, or flag down a member of staff at the event itself. As per our Terms and Conditions Kitacon has rules in place to ensure all our attendees and staff are safe, in addition to keeping our relationship with the hotel in good standing so that we’re allowed back again, so please familiarise yourself with them.

Q: I can’t come to Kitacon anymore! What do I do? I need to cancel my reg and accommodation!

A: Please check in with our Reg team about your conbadge: In relation to refunds our team will be able to assist or advise further based on the date of the request. As for your accommodation, any cancellations are at the discretion of Warwick University itself, so we recommend getting in touch with them directly.

Q: When does registration begin so that I can get my badge and conbag?

A: Registration will be opening at 10am on Friday morning. Please remember to bring your e-ticket and valid photo I.D with you!

Q: Will there be a Bring and Buy at Kitacon this year?

A: Sadly we have chosen not to continue hosting the Bring and Buy at Kitacon for a number of reasons. While usually a great contributor to our charity goals it has in recent years become too intensive to run with our limited volunteer staff. We will re-evaluate this position once we have the necessary resources to do so.

Q: I have a question about/problem with something in the Code of Conduct and/or Terms and Conditions!

A: Drop us a line at and let us know what the issue is. As much as social media and message boards are great platforms to raise your concerns and rally your fellow friends – talking to us directly can help dispel concerns or clear up any confusion. We’re not faceless machines that loom over you, we’re human beings and we’re more than happy to discuss each and every point of both our Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions. Everything is there for a reason, so if something seems weird or confusing, or even incorrect, please let us know and we’ll have a chat. 

Q: I haven’t sorted my accommodation yet! Are there any rooms left?

A: The earlier you book your room, the better a chance of there being a room available of the type you want, whether it’s on-site with the university or off-site. Our Location tab at the top of the site features Warwick University’s details for room enquiries, along with a list of nearby alternatives. Unfortunately Kitacon has nothing to do with accommodation or the number of rooms available to attendees.

Q: You get breakfast with a room at the University, right?

A: Sure do! One breakfast per registered occupant of each room. Hit up the food hall every morning to fill up for the busy day ahead! Breakfast is served each morning from 7am-10am and there are a number of lunch and dinner options available (at an additional cost) to keep your energy levels topped-up. Get your three squares a day! (Pocky does NOT count as a meal, folks.)

Q: Whats the deal with Parking?

See below for a link to register your vehicle for car parking, please note this does not reserve a specific parking space.  In the event you do not do this in advance, you will be given 12 hours grace to register your vehicle in order to avoid being charged.  Please note this is not required if you are parking in Radcliffe/Scarman as that is included in your accommodation there.

  2. Click “book now” on the conference parking tile.
  3. Select the dates you require parking for along with entry and exit time.
  4. Then enter the relevant promo code in the promo code box and click apply, this will then reduce the price to £0.00

Promo Code – Agtconf

For Blue Badge or Disabled parking please check with the Warwick Arts Centre website for further details:,with%20additional%20limited%20mobility%20parking

Q: I have a question that has not been answered by this fairly extensive and well-written FAQ page! This is an outrage!

A: Lets not get upset, if we’ve not answered your question please get in touch with and we can help out as best we can! Additionally, our staff page contains contact details for all of our department heads if you have a question relating to their area, and there’s also the joy of social media for you to tweet and comment at us to your hearts desire. What a time to be alive!