COVID-19 Policy

Over the years that we have looked at bringing Kitacon back to the community, COVID-19 has not only forced us to postpone our initial return but it has also taken valued members of the community from us forever.

In light of this we are adopting both an adaptive and a fixed COVID-19 policy that will reflect the most up to date Government safety guidelines, guidelines outlined by our venue and event running experience so as not to compromise your health and safety for the sake of the Kitacon experience.

It is however important to understand that Kitacon has no control over the publicly accessible spaces of Warwick University, Warwick Arts Centre and its surrounding campus, facilities and amenities. Please refer to the COVID-19 Guidelines outlined by Warwick University here for further information:

Adaptive COVID-19 Policy

Last Update: 20th January 2022

On-top of the UK Government policy surrounding COVID-19 we will be implementing changes and procedures that reflect the state of the COVID-19 situation within the United Kingdom to try and ensure the safety of the event and its attendees.

This adaptive policy will be updated as needed and reflect our stance on safety during these unprecedented times. This policy also supersedes the fixed COVID-19 policy and you agree to adhere to this policy upon purchasing a ticket/membership for Kitacon Returns. Guidelines outlined below are subject to change at any point.

Steps taken by Kitacon to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are as follows;

  • All Staff Members are to be full vaccinated, or have a valid medical (or age) related reason as to why this is can not the case.
  • There may come a time where we slip back into a mandated period of Vaccination checks, if this is the case (which it is not at time of writing) All attendees and not just staff members are required to be fully vaccinated by the 18th of August 2022. Attendees will need to provide proof of vaccination via the NHS Covid App or similar. If attendees are not able to vaccinate for reasons stated above, we will require documentation confirming this, and official confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test result (LFT or PCR) within two days before the event.
  • Masks are advised to be worn in all panel rooms and the main hall and our room layouts will reflect a socially distanced approach where we are able. Depending on the level of caution advised we will potentially be reducing the capacities of various rooms.
  • Please take extra care when in public spaces on Warwick University or Arts Centre grounds and other establishments. This includes the Students Union used for our parties. We heavily encourage the use of Masks throughout these spaces. The venue may also choose to enforce reduced capacity limits.

If you are unable to attend due to a positive Covid test, you will be offered a partial refund on the cost of your ticket and we will endeavour to send you your conbag and conbadge after the event. If you have purchased a T-Shirt this will also be sent to you after the event.

In the event of a lockdown enforced by the UK Government or a change of Government Guidelines that make Kitacon Returns unable to go ahead, all tickets will be deferred until an evaluation can take place on whether the event can be postponed to a time where it can run at full capacity, if it is not possible to postpone the event to another suitable date within a relative time frame (one calendar year) we will refund all outstanding tickets.

Fixed COVID-19 Policy

At the bare minimum we will be following the COVID-19 Guidelines as outlined by the UK Government. Further information on the most up to date guidelines can be found here:


We understand that these policies may be too little or too much for some and while we are attempting to adapt to an uncertain future there are limits to what we can achieve as we cannot control all the spaces where our attendees could be exposed to COVID-19. We would love to see you all for Kitacon’s return but we understand that there will be some of you who either cannot or would prefer not to attend under the conditions outlined above.

If you find yourself in this position we advise you to forgo buying a ticket on Wednesday the 2nd of February. If you did purchase a ticket and find that your circumstances have change please contact our Registration team for a refund.