Cosplay Masquerade & Competition Sign Ups

Submissions are currently CLOSED for the Kitacon Returns Cosplay Masquerade and competition on the Saturday

Cosplay Chess Sign Ups

Submissions are currently CLOSED for for the Kitacon Returns Cosplay Chess

Kita’s Got Talent Sign Ups

Submissions are currently CLOSED for the Kitacon Returns KGT

Cosplay Rules

Weapon & Prop Rules

All weapons and Props must be taken to Cosplay HQ to be checked over by either our Cosplay Officers or appropriate staff. If they pass the check you will be issued with a clear label/tag to show it has been checked and is con safe. Weapons or props which do not have a visible tag will be taken to be checked and if not they could be confiscated for the duration of the convention.

Any weapon or prop must not be longer than 2 metres. It is acceptable for them to be longer IF they are on foldable hinges and are folded away when cosplayers aren’t having photographs taken, however this is something which would need to be discussed with a staff member of Cosplay HQ.

Soft wood only, hard heavy material will not be accepted especially if the weapon or prop can be swung around. Foam, cardboard or paper-mache for example are a safer option. All edges must be rounded off to avoid damage.

Rollerskates (inc. Heelies), skateboards, hoverboards, bicycles or go karts are not permitted for use anywhere throughout the con.

All weapons must be holstered/sheathed when not being used for posing in cosplay for photography, etc.

Airsoft guns, are not allowed under any circumstances. They are heavy and have caused problems in the past.

Any realistic looking gun MUST have a red tip. Red tape will be available in Cosplay HQ and will be applied to gun tips if needed when checked.

Nerf guns are acceptable as long as they adhere to the size rules and have no ammo loaded inside.

3D Printed Items are allowed providing they do not have any metal or carbon fibre supports running through them.

Hand-made bows and arrows/crossbows are allowed, but the bow/crossbow must be light and stay within the previous rules stated above. Arrows must be fixed safely within their quiver and cannot be strung or fired. All edges must be rounded and safe. Functional bows/crossbows (i.e bows/crossbows you can purchase and fire with) are not allowed under any circumstances.

Any weapons which do not meet these rules but are intended to be used in the Masquerade only are allowed but must be stored away safely in your room or vehicle until the Masquerade rehearsal. Following the Masquerade, they must either be returned to your room/vehicle, or turned in at Cosplay HQ. Any props not picked up by 2pm on Sunday will be disposed of. All props falling under this category are still subject to a weapons/prop check however, and you should discuss this with a staff member of Cosplay HQ as soon as possible.

Kitacon Staff reserve the right to confiscate any item they deem a risk to the attendees. Failure to comply with this request will result in expulsion from the event and security to intervene.

If there are any unique circumstances or questions not covered here please contact and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Happy cosplaying!