If you’re an artist or writer, maybe you’d like to have your work featured in the Kitacon Retruns conbook?

As usual, we’re looking to put together a collection of of articles, editorials, short-stories, artwork, recipes, writing of any kind! This will then become part of every attendees conbag. It’s a great way to get your talents noticed! 

Conbook Submission Requirements

For all artwork we require each submission to be supplied as a CMYK jpeg file with a resolution of 300dpi. Anything lower than 300dpi will not be used as it is likely to be blurry when printed. Please also try include a bleed area, or make sure that any important elements or text are not near the edges so they don’t get cut off!

For all articles or text pieces, please supply them as a Word documents with any imagery used as separate files, following the required image specifications. Articles should not be shorter than half an A4 page, and should not exceed 3 pages.

Conbook submissions are now CLOSED

If we need any further information from you, we will be in touch!