AMV / CMV Showcase

A staple event at Kitacon, the AMV showcase allows talented editors to showcase their art of combining kick-ass tunes with anime, TV, movies or video game footage to create a visual feast in the form of an AMV. We always get a great range of entries and all entries compete for the desired AMV trophy and we’ve had some cracking winners. The competition for 2022 promises to see more amazing videos created for Kitacon.

However, we’re upping the game for Kitacon Karnival! For the first time, the competition will also include CMVs – Cosplay Music Videos. This is a chance for talented editors to show off their editing skills with cosplay themed music videos using footage taken from events they’ve attended. As per norm, a trophy for the best video will be up for grabs at the convention.

So if you’re keen to put your skills to the test in either anime or cosplay. Or be brave and tackle both categories! If you think your editing skills are up to the task. Take a look at the rules below and get editing!

Competition Rules

  • The competition is opened to people attending Kitacon only. We have an award to give to the overall winning AMV / CMV Editor and we’d like to present them to that individual at the convention.
  • One AMV / CMV entry allowed per person. You can submit more than one AMV or CMV for the showcase event but you must indicate which one you’d like to be judged in competition. 
  • All videos must be less than five minutes.
  • While you may enter a video you have previously created – we will only accept videos that have been made and premiered online (on YouTube, Daily Motion, etc) from January 1st 2022 and beyond. We believe this will make a fair playing field for all and encourage new and exciting AMVs and CMVs.
  • AMVs can consist of footage from anime, TV, movies or video games. This is subject to fair use laws.
  • With AMVs, if you do use any spoiler footage, we do request that you add a warning before the video in case people might to avoid it.
  • With CMVs, you are free to use footage from any events you may have taken footage from. Whether it’s Kitacon or not – we honestly don’t mind. There’s a wonderful world of Cosplay outside of our event!
  • If you’re making a CMV, make sure you have permission to use the footage from the relevant parties – especially, if it’s not your own footage.
  • While we are happy with any AMV or CMV content, please under any circumstances do not use any hentai or potentially questionable material. The winning video will be shown at the closing ceremony and promoted on our website.
  • Any video containing questionable footage will NOT be screened and judged. If in doubt, please ask and we will advise.
  • Do not use videos with subtitles – it will distract audiences from seeing your beautiful creations and also distract our judges from scoring.
  • We’ll also offer entering AMV or CMV Editors to chat about their work. Please indicate on your submission if you’re happy to chat or not. 
  • Videos must be provided via file sharing services such as Hightail, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc. We will not accept submissions at Kitacon.
  • Please submit videos in highest quality possible (1080p, h.264), if in doubt ask and we will advise best options for rendering.
  • Closing date for submissions will be Thursday 18th July at 11:59pm. No videos will be accepted after this date.
  • Judges decision on the winning video is final.

Download link submissions can be made to – please include the following with your submission.

  • Name
  • Badgename
  • Contact details – an e-mail address is fine!
  • Your AMV / CMV Title
  • For AMVs – List the anime and music Used
  • For CMVs – List the events your footage was taken at and the music used
  • If you’re happy to chat at the showcase or not.

Happy editing!